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Youtube Ad Campaign

Boost Your Music Video With YouTube Ad Campaign

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How It Works

Select a Campaign

Share your music project’s vision and branding preferences with us to kickstart the creative process.

Waving Sound YouTube Promotion Submission
Waving Sound YouTube Promotion Submission

Complete our questionnaire

provide valuable information about your goals and preferences

Submit your song

Rest assured that payment will be securely held during the review process.

Waving Sound Promotion Submission
Waving Sound Under Review

Song Under Review

Our team reviews your submission. If approved, we will proceed with launching the campaigns and the charges will be applied. In case of a declined submission, you will not incur any charges.

Campaign Launch

Congratuulations! Your ad campaign has been launched and you start to see growth in views, likes and subscribers.

Waving Sound YouTube Promotion
Waving Sound YouTube Promotion

Campaign Optimization​

Campaign optimization as we fine-tune your ads to maximize their effectiveness

Campaign's End & Summary

Delivery of a comprehensive campaign summary detailing the outcomes and performance

Waving Sound Promotion Campaign Summary

Trackable Succes

Allowing you to measure success, analyze results, and make data-backed decisions to optimize your music's promotional strategy.

Waving Sound Assurance

You don't until we approve your music promotion submission. Our 7-day payment hold system ensures you only pay when we're able deliver results.

Targeted Precision

Through data-driven insights and strategic planning, we optimize your YouTube ad campaign to reach the right viewers.

Amplify Your Reach

We create impactful ad campaigns that deliver your music to wider audience, boosting your visibility and engagement to new heights.


For how long will my campaign run?

The duration of your YouTube promotion campaign is determined by you.
It can range from a week up to 3 weeks.

Will I get comments on my video?

The likelihood of receiving comments on your video is influenced by several factors. While we cannot guarantee specific levels of engagement, including comments, as it is an organic and active interaction, there are strategies you can consider. The nature of the content, its appeal, and its relevance to your target audience greatly impact the chances of receiving comments. Encouraging your friends and family to engage with your video by leaving comments can help initiate a “wisdom of the crowd” effect, fostering interaction and potentially attracting more viewers to participate in the discussion. Remember, the comments section can play a pivotal role in building a community around your content.

Will I gain subscribers on my video?

Our YouTube promotion campaigns can potentially help you gain subscribers to your channel despite we do not guarantee about the number of subscribers gained.
However, the extent of subscriber growth depends on various factors, such as the content and engagement with your audience.
While promotion can increase exposure and attract new subscribers, it’s important to focus on creating compelling content to retain and engage your audience effectively.

Will I gain likes on my video?

YouTube promotion campaigns can help increase the number of likes on your video by exposing it to a wider audience.
However, the engagement you receive depends on the content and its appeal to viewers. Likes are typically an indication of positive audience response, but they can’t be guaranteed as they depend on viewers’ individual preferences.

Can I promote a song without a music video?

Yes, you can definitely promote a song on YouTube even without a music video. While music videos often enhance the visual experience and engagement, you can still promote your song using audio-only formats, such as static images, lyric videos and visualisers.
The focus is on showcasing your music and attracting listeners.

Can I choose specific artists to target?

Of course! you can send us a list of soundalike artists and preferred audiences through our questionnaire above.

Can you promote music with explicit lyrics?

Promotion of music with explicit lyrics can be subject to restrictions or limitations, as far as swearing throughout the song, it usually gets approved by Google, but music videos that contain violence, nudity, drug use etc. typically get disapproved.
That is the reason we have our Waving Sound Assurance, so we can make sure your song and video are ready to get promoted.

Will you provide me statistics throughout the campaign?

Yes! At the end stage of your campaign you will receive a comprehensive ad campaign summary that will include data, insights and accomplishments we had throughout the campaign.
In addition, you can always email your campaign manager for updates throughout the campaign.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

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