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Mix And Mastering

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  • Expert Audio Mastering Services To Give Your Tracks A Polished Sound
  • 3 Revisions Included For Fine-Tuning Your Master
  • Delivery Of Wav And MP3 Files
  • Additional Mix Options, E.g Clean Versions Or Playbacks, Included At No Extra Cost


  • Professional Audio Mixing Services For Your Tracks
  • 3 Mix Revisions Included To Ensure Your Satisfaction
  • Option To Add Extra Mixes Such As Clean Versions Or Instrumentals
  • High-quality Output In Wav Format

How It Works

Choose the service you need

Begin by selecting the service that best suits your music project, whether it’s mixing, mastering, or both. We’re here to tailor our expertise to your specific needs.

Waving Sound Mixing Mockup

Fill the questionnairee

Share crucial details about your music, such as your artistic vision, preferred sound, and any reference tracks that inspire you. This questionnaire helps us understand your unique requirements.

Submission and delivery of audio files

Send us your audio files securely through our platform.
We ensure a smooth and safe file transfer process to protect your music.

Waving Sound Submit
Waving Sound Studio

Our engineers work on perfecting your project

Our skilled engineers dive into the technical aspects of mixing and mastering, fine-tuning your audio to meet your artistic vision. We focus on balancing elements, enhancing clarity, and maintaining the integrity of your sound.

Revisions and finalization

Collaboration is key. We provide you with the opportunity to request revisions and adjustments, ensuring the final result aligns perfectly with your expectations. We’re committed to your complete satisfaction.

Waving Sound Studio
Waving Sound Studio

Delivery of final files

Once your project is perfected and approved, we deliver the final high-quality audio files, ready for distribution. Your music is now prepared to shine in the spotlight.


What file formats do you accept for mixing and mastering?

We accept high-quality audio files in WAV for the mixing and mastering process.
For mixing purposes we require dry stems with no reverb and a rough mix to get a better understanding of your final vision.
Please keep artistic effect choices on the stems.

If you more questions please email us at:

How long does it typically take to get my music back after submitting it for mixing and mastering?

The turnaround time for mixing and mastering depends on the complexity and length of your project. Generally, we aim to deliver your completed track within 5-7 business days in a mastering case and within 10-14 business days in a mixing case.

What genres of music do you specialize in?

We have experience working with a wide range of music genres, including but not limited to pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, R&B, and more. Our team of skilled engineers is versatile and can cater to different styles.

Are your mixing and mastering processes entirely automated?

No, our mixing and mastering services are conducted by skilled audio engineers who apply their expertise and creativity to each project. While we use cutting-edge technology, the human touch remains a crucial aspect of our service.

Can you master tracks that were mixed by a different engineer?

Absolutely! We offer mastering services for tracks mixed by different engineers or produced in various studios. Our mastering process ensures that your songs have a consistent and polished sound.

Do you offer custom packages for large projects or labels?

Yes, we can accommodate custom packages for large projects or labels. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and receive a personalized quote.

For more information please email us at:

Can I get advice on improving my music production techniques?

Our team of experienced audio engineers is always happy to offer tips and advice on improving your music production techniques. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions or concerns.

You can reach out to us here!

What is Waving Sound's refund policy for mixing and mastering services?

At Waving Sound, we strive to provide the best quality mixing and mastering services for your music. However, we understand that circumstances may arise where a refund is necessary. For detailed information about our refund policy, please visit our dedicated Refund Policy page on our website.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team at We are here to help you with any inquiries you may have.

Are my files and personal information safe with Waving Sound?

Absolutely! We take data security and privacy seriously. Your files and personal information are stored securely on our servers and will never be shared with third parties without your consent. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Do you have any quotations? Feel free to reach out to us.

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